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Research and researchers

Simplice Ayangma Bonoho

Banting post-doctoral fellow, Bishop’s University. Research on WHO and Canadian health aid to francophone Africa. Author, « Éduquer pour chasser le spectre de la maladie et de la mort : L’éducation pour la santé dans les écoles coloniales et post-coloniales en Afrique centrale (1910-1986) »

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Jill Campbell-Miller

Post-doctoral fellow, Carleton University. Former AMS postdoctoral fellowship at the Gorsebrook Research Institute at Saint Mary’s University. Researches Canada-India medical and humanitarian connections.

Sonya de Laat

Global Health program Academic Program Advisor and Curriculum Coordinator, McMaster University. Formerly Postdoctoral Fellow with the Humanitarian Health Ethics Research Group. Visual theory, cultural history and medical anthropology. 

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Nassisse Solomon

Ph.D. in History and Project Coordinator, Global Health Systems MMASc Spoke, Schulich Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and Faculty of Health Sciences, Western University. Representations and Perceptions of Ethiopian Identities in Canada.

Stefano Tijerina

Lecturer in Management, University of Maine. Canada-Colombia aid connections. Author of Opportunism and Goodwill: Canadian Business Expansion in Colombia, 1867-1979

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David Webster

History professor, Bishop’s University. Author of Challenge the Strong Wind: Canada and East Timor 1975-99. Co-editor (with Greg Donaghy), A Samaritan State Revisited: Historical Perspectives on Canadian Foreign Aid.

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Maia Lugar (research assistant)

Maia Lugar is currently completing a Master’s degree in Political Management at Carleton University. She is researching the topic of Indigenous territoriality and federalism, and her research interests include Indigenous structures of governance and Canadian federalism as a vehicle for colonialism.

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